Data Analysis Strategies of Students in a 'Millican' Simulation Experiment

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This page has links for Bryan Cooley's NCNAAPT presentation, November 2003 at U C Berkeley.

In the "Millican" experiment, students get a set of closed film canisters, each of which contains a small number of identical objects (such as washers or pennies). By weighing the canisters, they try to figure out the mass of an individual object without opening the canisters.

In the talk, Bryan described the activity in detail and shared student work. For more information about that talk, email Bryan.

To download an evaluation version of Fathom, visit Key Curriculum Press.

(This will be version 1.16 of the software; in our project, we are using alpha editions of version 2, which, among other things, includes units. If you are interested in using version 2 and participating in our project, contact .)

To download a pdf file of the handout for doing the lab, click the link below:
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Fopr background on the project, you can download our NSF/SBIR Phase I final report,
"Integrating Mathematics and Science through Data"
(PDF format)

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