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Epistemological Engineering
helping you know how you know what you know…since 1987

We are educational consultants and writers in Oakland, California. We develop curriculum materials and write in two areas: mathematics and science education; and conflict resolution and anger management.

Since people have trouble spelling our name, when we publish things on our own, we call ourselves eeps media.

Our clients include

  • The Concord Consortium, a high-powered development house specializing in science and technology education.

  • Tuva, who have created an ingenious data literacy platform.

  • (R.I.P.) (work on Fathom, a high school statistics curriculum- and software-development project, out now from The Concord Consortium)

  • The United States Department of Justice (and you were wondering why John Ashcroft resigned!). Working with Sue Yeres and Betty Gurnell to develop materials to help people set up "drug courts," settings within the justice system to help substance-abusing offenders get the support they need to stay free and clean.

  • New Standards (mathematics assessment item development; page production and editing for reference exams and portfolio materials)

  • Edmonds (Washington) School District (helping with the Edmonds Math Project, a secondary-school reform effort)

  • WGBH (advising a project to make a series of middle-school math videos showing lessons that implement the NCTM Standards)

  • Annenberg/CPB Math and Science Project (Fall 1997 math workshops for K–8 teachers on the Annenberg Channel , 1999 work on a web site with math activities.)

  • Theatrix Interactive (consulting on software for middle school math, now available as Math Heads.)

  • California Mathematics Council (writing, page production, and editing for They're Counting On Us)

  • SERA Learning Technologies (writing and page production for an anger management curriculum)

  • Community Boards of San Francisco (writing for an intercultural conflict resolution curriculum)

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