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United We Solve and Middle-Grades Curricula

There are a slew of excellent unit-based middle-grades mathematics curricula that became available during the period 1995-1998. Many of them arise from NSF-funded efforts in curriculum development, and are Really Well Thought Out.

We'd like United We Solve to be as friendly as possible to users of these exciting new curricula. To that end, we are publishing here and in the book a list of units in the curricula and how they match up with clusters of problems in the book. Of course, the real test is how it plays in the classoom. So if you are using one of these curricula, and try problems from the book,

As of this writing, we haven't found Web pages describing all of these curricula (so you can't look at what they have to say for themselves) but we'll add links as we find them.


United We Solve Link

published by EQUALS (510) 642-1910.

Connected Mathematics Project
originally published by Dale Seymour Publications, now by Prentice Hall

published by Creative Publications
(800) 624-0822

Mathematics in Context
published by Britannica Educational
(800) 554-9862 x7007

Six Through Eight Mathematics (STEM)
published by McDougal/Littell/Houghton Mifflin

Interactive Mathematics
published by Glencoe-McGraw Hill

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