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United We Solve:
116 Math Problems for Groups, Grades 5–10

United We Solve, by Tim Erickson, is a collection of cooperative math problems—problems for groups to solve together. It's aimed at high-standards middle-grades programs.

The book is particularly appropriate for new, emerging unit-based curricula, though its problems will complement any program in fifth grade and above.

The book says that some materials are available online. This is the page where you can find them! We will update this page and its links as the material changes.

This book is related to Get It Together (it has the same author), which is sold by EQUALS.

Sample Problem

Print out the page, cut along the dotted lines, and pass out the clues. The group has to solve the problem together. The "official" rules (in the book) tell you that you may read your clue but you may not show it to anyone else. Give it a try!

  • Click here for a sample problem (Znorlian, page 29) (94K, Adobe Acrobat PDF format). For this you need Acrobat Reader, (from Adobe for Mac or Windows, it's free!!) and the plugin installed.
  • Or, if you have trouble, and we'll email it to you as an attachment.

Erickson, Tim. 1995. United We Solve: 116 Math Problems for Groups, Grades 5–10. Oakland, CA: eeps media.

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