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Here is a list of the mistakes we know about in the first printing (January 1996) of United We Solve. It's amazing how many there are considering how carefully we checked the book! We fixed them all in the second printing. In the meantime, you can fix your own copy and contribute new ones that you find by sending .

Serious mistakes

These mistakes affect the problems and the clues that kids get. Please fix these!

  • pages 132 and 133, Third of a Cube, upper-left clue. In the Hint at the bottom, the triangles join along their 10-cm sides, not 8-cm. Fixed in second printing.

These mistakes are just embarrassing. Yes, we did use a spell-checker! fixed in second printing.

  • page 8, bottom paragraph, last sentence. Should be ". . .might be answered. . . " of course.
  • page 89, second-to-last bullet, "compared" is misspelled
  • page 94, last paragraph, 4th sentence. "Bu" should be "But."
  • page 128, top paragraph, second column. Refers to a round bullet, but the bullets in the problems are square. e.g., on page 133.
  • pages 141, 142, bottom-right clue. Should be a colon after the word Hint.
  • page 150, under Four A, first bulleted question. Needs a question mark.
  • page 158, under "Giant Basketball," fix accents on "mache"

Now we're looking for mistakes in the third printing. Send them along!

  Last updated Friday, 25 January 2002