Rats and Mice
(page 177)

(June 2014)
Here's a link to a solution from fifth-graders in Ann Zornes's class in Hebron, Ohio.

In conclusion, our group found two ways to calculate the number of mice for any given number of rats. First, we chose to make a table of the information. From there, we were able to write an equation that would work for any given number. We determined that we would divide the given number of rats by 5, multiply that by 2 and then multiply that quantity by 8. This would give you the number of mice. It works for any given number of rats. We have attached our two charts and the equation we created so that you could have a picture of what we were talking about.

CW, SM and TH, 5th Grade

Here is a pdf of actual student work! 625 kB

You really have to look at the pdf they sent. Seriously.

This problem is unusual in that it's asking for a method rather than a simple answer. They found a method. How can you tell? Is it correct? Did they describe it clearly?

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