Food Chain
(page 174)

Here's a solution from a group in Cary, Illinois:

Rachel, Kayleigh, Chris, Conor, Josh and Pawel from Cary, IL, solved your equation, the Food Chain on pp.174. We found it by making a table from the highest to the lowest in the food chain, and what they ate. We found out that rodelians were on the top, then snoppits, then quigs, then pipworts, and then dorblotts. We solved it as if we had two rodelians, and we multiplied how many of the next lowest animal on the food chain ate each night. We found out that for each rodelian the zoo keeper needs 720 dorblotts each night.

(March 2003)

eeps comments:

Hooray! The first solution for this problem! Thank you for your explanation. it right? What do you think?

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