Fester and the Nunz
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Here's a solution from a group of 7th graders in Swansea, MA:

Months Lengths: Francesca’sLengths: Nuncio’s
Nov. 1st0 mm16 mm
Dec.12 mm 0 mm
Jan.24 mm6 mm
Feb.36 mm22 mm
March48 mm38 mm
April60 mm54 mm
May72 mm 70 mm
June84 mm86 mm
July96 mm 102 mm

We started on November 1st because Fran cut her hair on Halloween. So instead of starting on Halloween we had to start on November 1st because Halloween is too late in the month.
In the chart for Fran’s column we counted by 12’s because her hair grows 12mm per month.
In that chart for Nun’s column we counted by 16’s because his hair grew 16mm per month.

When will Fran’s hair be the same length as Nuncio’s?
It is May because if we keep on going on Nuncio’s hair will always be more than Fester’s hair.

How long will his hair be when it’s the same length as Fran’s?
When Nuncio and Francesca’s hair is the same length, it will be about 78 mm.

In the middle of May Francesca’s hair will grow 6mm because 6 is half of 12 and Nuncio’s hair will grow 8mm because 8 is half of 16. If you add 72+6=78 and 70+8=78 so that’s when their hair will be the same length.

By: Parker, Bobby, Katie, Chelsea, Rachel, Alison, Tim, and Kolbe
Grade 7 students
Joseph Case Junior High
Swansea, MA

(January 2010)

eeps comments:

Hooray! The first solution for this problem! I especially like the table. Now...is it right? What do you think?

Me, I think there's something a little odd near the beginning. Let me ask, how do you know Nunz's hair is 16 mm in November? :)

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