Triple Crown
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Here's a solution from a group of 7th graders in Swansea, MA:

NameFinish TimeLength
Kentucky Derby01:59.21 1/4= 1.25
Belmont Stakes02:24.01 1/2= 1.5
Preakness Stakes01:54.21 3/16= 1.1875

Seconds per mile
1:59.2 ~ 60+59+2/5(.4)= 119.4= 95.52 Kentucky Derby 95.52
2:24.0 ~ 60+60+24= 144.0= 96 Belmont Stakes 96
1:54.2 ~ 60+54+2/5(.4)= 114.4= 96.336842 Preakness Stakes 96.33684

Question: In which Triple Crown Race did Secretariat run the fastest in 1973?

Answer: Kentucky Derby

By: Ashley, Wendy, Andrew, and Tim
Grade 7 students
Joseph Case Junior High
Swansea, MA

eeps comments:

Hooray! The first solution for this problem!

So, readers, what do you think? Is it clear what calculations these students made? Are they correct? Do you agree with their conclusion? Does it make sense that the Derby would be the fastest?

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