Four A
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Here is a solution from Illinois. It includes a NEW feature -- they wrote a story to explain their answer.

Dear Mr. Erickson,

We're fifth grade students at Maplewood School in Cary, Ill. Our names are Rob, Kenny, and Andrew. We think we have the answer to 4A. We wrote a story explaining our answer.

One day four friends went to get a medium size pizza. Alice asked if anyone wanted a pizza contest to see who could eat the most pizza. All of them agreed. Andy ate 1/8, Alice ate 3/8, Arlo and Angela ate 1/4 each. Alice won the competition.

Sally Thomas (teacher)
Cary School District #26

eeps replies --

Doing the story is a great idea. So many math problems come out of nowhere, I'm really glad you took the time to figure out how this strange pizza-eating could have taken place.


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