Polygon 3
(page 125)

McKinley Elementary in Middletown, Ohio is fairly prolific (see other solutions to Polygons). Here is one from Louise Truss's class, where Mr. Harris is apparently a math teacher.

Dear Mr. Erickson,

We are from Mrs. Truss' Sixth Grade Class from McKinley Accelerated Elementary in Middletown, Ohio. Here is our solution to Polygon #3. We believe it is a parallelogram with a base of 5 cm., a height of 4 cm., and the length of the other opposite sides are 7 cm.

We got this answer by working together. We read the clues to each other. Second, we drew different figures to see what ones would work. Next, wedecided that it had to be a parallelogram. Finally, we decided on the dimensions. We are confident that our answer is correct! So is Mr. Harris, our math teacher.

M. G., A. Y., B. O., & S. K.

eeps comments: Thank you for your solution! I leave it to our readers to decide if it's correct. Now, the clues ask for an accurate drawing of the polygon, which is hard to send via computer. But maybe someone out there can figure out a way to send me such a drawing. I can read a lot of file formats, but a .GIF file is one easy choice, since it's one that works well here on the Web.

Send me one and I'll put it here!

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