Polygon 1
(page 123)

Here is a solution from a class at McKinley Elementary in Middletown, Ohio sent in a solution:

We are a group from Mrs. Luckey's Sixth Grade Class from McKinley Elementary in Middletown, Ohio. Today in Mr. Harris' math class, we worked on solving Polygon #1.

Here is our solution:

It is a rectangle with a length of 12 cm. and a width of 4 cm.

Here is how we solved it:

First, we read each other our clue cards. Second, we thought of possible solutions. We wrote these possible solutions on a piece of paper. Finally, we selected the one that fit all the clue cards.

eeps comments: Thank you for your work! What you wrote seems reasonable (though I leave it to others to object if they wish!). You say you read the cards and thought of possible solutions, and then discarded the ones that didn't work. That's a great strategy.

But...what other solutions did you come up with? How did you come up with them? And what prompted you to come up with the right one? That sort of thing would complete the story so we can see how you were thinking. Now, you don't have to include every little detail, but we readers would love to see if your thinking is anything like ours!

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