Arrange 6
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The Missourians are at it again. Here is what some eighth-graders sent...

                       Top View
                      South Side
                        _ _ Y _
                        _ _ _ G              
             East Side  _ _ O R  West Side
                        G B _ _
                      North Side

This is what we eighth graders of Monroe City Missouri got as a solution to your problem. We used solid colored cubes. This problem was somewhat simple compared to others.

Erica, Kimberly, Allie, and Micah

Meanwhile, the seventh graders sent me this explanation of how they did it! I don't know if they were working together or not:

Here's our solution for this problem that will be hard to explain. The key is to use blank cubes so that you can write or color on them. The next key is to put four cubes in a diagonal patttern instead of a straight line starting on the north. Label each cube accordingly, Green, Blue, Orange, Red. On the east side, we added two cubes to the left side then colored them Yellow, Green, Orange, Green. The west side was easy to label Blue, Red, Green, Yellow. The south side was even easier with Green, Yellow, Blue, Green. We are sorry we cannot send a 3-d picture, but our school's technology will not allow it.


Matt, Jennifer, Joslynn, Megan


Mrs. Barbara Carson
Monroe City Middle School
430 N. Washington
Monroe City, MO 63456

So -- do you think the two groups had the same solution?

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