Point of View 4
(page 105)

The same 4th grade superior cognitive gifted class from Ohio who completed Point of View 3 sent their solution to POV 4!

Hi Tim,

After we were successful with Point of View 3, we decided to try Point of View 4. This one was more challenging than the last one, but we did it in less time. One of the clues was difficult because of the the clues was looking straight down on the structure. Three of the clues had the same part of the structure viewable, but we had to keep moving it around to find where it really went. After that, we figured out where part of another clue added on to part of the structure from another clue. After we figured out that part of the structure, the rest was easy because we only had to move around a few blocks to complete the sculpture. This one was a little bit more challenging, but after we figured it out a little bit, it was easier.


Thanks to the students and their teacher, Ann Zornes!

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