Point of View 3
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Here is a solution and explanation from a class in Ohio. They sent pictures!

Hi Tim,

We are 4th graders at Jackson Intermediate School in Hebron, Ohio. In our gifted class, we were assigned a task to complete Point of View 3. We had to build a structure with only blocks and four clues. We could not look at each others' clues. The clues had a different point of view of the same structure. Our job was to build the structure. First, one person tried to build their structure. Then, the other two tried to add on from their point of view. It was difficult because the points of view were hard to distinguish. Therefore we had to work together to think logically about how the blocks should be placed. So this is how we came up with the solution that we came up with.

first image second third fourth fifth

Thanks to the students and their teacher, Ann Zornes!

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