Point of View 2
(page 103)

This solution came in October 2013 from an unknown source! They called it "Trinity Episcopal," which might be what they thought the structure looked like, or maybe it's their school :)

These are from the same school as some of the solutions to Points of View 3 and 4.

Hi Tim,

We are third graders from Jackson Intermediate School in Hebron, Ohio. Our job was to build Point of View 2. It was challenging. Each person had his or her own clue that showed a different point of view of the same structure. We could not show our clues to each other. We finished the sculpture by having perseverance and teamwork. The first time we did it was harder than we thought it would be. After we were done, you could see each of our structures. It took us two days to finish the structure and we were happy when we finished.

Thanks to the students and their teacher, Ann Zornes!

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