Snake Lake
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From: Leigha Ritter; Michael Schrieber; Jordan Al-Tuaimeh; and Shelby Larsen at Bogle Junior High School (7th grade Honors Class, Mr. Halter)

First, we used our clues and determined the names of every town and bridge. Next our group decided to use the guess and check method and we began placing towns in random order.

After some time, we got a map plan that appeared to be correct and took the distances and started calculating how far it would need to be from each town. Finally, we had a map that was correct according to the clues and all that was left was to determine the shortest route.

For the final answer we got the following, start at Westlake Villiage, go east 6 miles to Oakpointe. Then go 3 miles to Northside then down Evans Bridge 2 miles to Southport. From Southport go 9 miles east to the Eastlake Villiage. 20 miles total.

eeps replies:

Great work! Thank you for your solution--especially describing how you did it. This is clearly the kind of solution that really benefits from a picture. If anyone can send me one (in a computer format, of course!) I'll be delighted to post it!

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