Get One
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This solution is from Traci Jensen, at a middle school in Colorado:

We are an advanced math class in Colorado, at Scott Carpenter Middle school. We have the solution for the problem "Get One".

We have actually found two answers to this problem. Here are the ones we found.

7 divided by 5 - .4 = 1

5 + 2.0 - 7 + 4 divided by 4 = 1

eeps replies:

Great work! I'm delighted that you sent in solutions to one of the "Calculator Equations" problems. All of those problems have multiple solutions. And there are more for this one, as well.

Here's a challenge to readers: Traci's second solution uses a zero (which is technically not allowed, since no clue had a zero on it). Of course, most calculators will give the right answer (one) whether you press the zero or not.

But then the decimal point is "cheap" in the sense that you didn't use it to make a real decimal -- as she and her group did in the first solution.

Can you find more solutions that use the decimal point in order to make decimals?

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