Get Ten
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Here's a solution from (the extremely prolific) seventh graders at Hermann Middle School:

Dear Tim,

We are students at Hermann Middle School. We are in the 7th grade. We worked on the Get Ten. We had to get the number 10 on the calculator using the keys that were given to us in the clue. We had two separate groups working on this problem. We each came up with something a little different. Group 1: We started out by writing down all the numbers we had to use and could use in the form of a table. We had to use three twos and a minus sign. Since we had to use a minus sign, we decided we had to get over ten. We decided that the first number we would get to was twelve. We started out by multiplying one of the "must" twos with the "may" 6 to get twelve. Then we realized that we had to use two more twos. So, we added a "must" two to the product. We then minused another 2 to get 12 again. Then we minused another 2 to get 10!

Group 2: First we read through our cards and wrote down all the numbers we had to press and all the we could press in different groups on the paper. We then experimented with different equations--guess and check. We started with 2x2x2+6 and realized that it was way too much. We had used all of our numbers and we still had to use the minus sign. Then, we thought we should subtract instead of multiplying as much. We did some more guessing and checking and finally came up with 2-2+6x2-2=10! Thank you so much accepting our last entry to the website. We really enjoy doing your problems because they are fun and challengeing. We also like working together.

Hermann Middle School 7th Grade Talent Pool

(March 2003)

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