Get Seventeen
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Here are two solutions from groups of sixth graders from Hermann Middle School. In fact, all the grades at this school are pretty scary!

Dear Tim,

We are the All-stars girls at Hermann Middle School in Hermann, MO, and we are happy to inform you that we have another conclusion to another one of your problems.We got our answer by taking the largest number (which is 5),and multiplying it by 4 to get 20. Then we took the product of that answer and subtracted 2 and then subtracted 1 from that answer. Then we ended up with the answer of our problem which is 17.

Example: 5x4-2-1=17


The sixth grade All-Starz

Dear Tim,

AT first we found that 5x4-2-1=17. After switching some numbers around we also found that 4x5-1-2=17. We took some numbers and typed them into the caculator. Two other equations popped up that equaled 17. Example:12+5=17, 21-4=17

Your friends,

The Sixth Grade Smart Ones

(March 2003)

eeps comments:

Hooray! The first solutions for this problem! Anyone have a different solution? OR, do you have a similar, new PROBLEM in the same form as one of these "Get..." problems?

Teachers of a certain age may recognize these as dimly related to the game "Equations" that comes from the people who make the "Wff 'n' Proof" game.

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