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(Nov 2007) Here's a solution from three 8th graders from West Virginia: Brittni, James, and Jessica.

We have a strategy for winning at NetNim. You should always go second unless you are playing against someone who is really ignorant. There are usually 4 moves to win, so the person who goes second usually wins. There are only two situations that allow the first person to win:

  • If the first person goes to 7 and the second person goes to 4, and
  • If the first person goes to 8, second 6, first 4, second 2 (instead of You Win)

eeps comments:

Yay! The first solution for this problem! This is a really interesting way to describe the strategy. It a complete explanation for what to do? That is, can you use it to decide what move to make in every situation? It seems as if the strategy tells you what not to do! In NetNim, does that matter?

Also, I wonder: if you were playing someone "who is really ignorant," would you really make a different move?

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