Grundy's Game
(page 50)

Here's a solution from Daniel, Chris, Danny, Jonathan, Mike, Ashley, and Danielle M.—6th graders from the Progressive School of Long Island in Merrick, New York

To have guaranteed victory in Grundy’s Game, you must go second. Whatever your opponent does, you must split the piles so that after your turn the three piles are 4, 2, and 1. Their only move is to split the “4 pile” into 3 and 1. Your only move is to split the “3 pile” into 2 and 1. Then they have no moves so you win.
(February 2005)

eeps comments:

Wow! Thanks! The first solution for this problem! And I have exactly the same comments that I do for Nim Two Three!, it right? What do you think?

Also, is it a complete explanation for what to do? That is, can you use it to decide what move to make in every situation?

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