Sierpinski's Bricks
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(July 2005) Get a load of THIS....


This past school year, I taught a 7th and 8th grade Math Strategies class at Murdock Middle/High School in Winchendon, Massachusetts. One of the first activities my 7th grade students did to learn how to work in groups was "Sierpinski Bricks." After all the groups completed their "brick wall," we discussed the solutions and looked for patterns. We noticed that each blue triangle had a yellow center and that if we put several groups' solutions together, we could extend the pattern. We cut out and taped together nine groups' solutions, along with some extra yellow brick paper for the big triangle in the center, to make one very large Sierpinski Triangle. Since it took the solutions of nine groups to make the triangle in the attached image, the product is the work of about 36 students.

Alexandra Zuser

Here we have a solution to Sierpinski's Bricks from some Monroe City, Missouri 7th-graders Matthew, Jennifer, Megan, Ashley, and Joslynn. I did my best to copy their solution faithfully. Do you think they got it right?


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