United We Solve: Student Solutions

We'll fill this big table in more, as more of you send in solutions to problems from United We Solve.
(Get It Together) (eeps home)

Alien Number Systems Mystery Operations Fractal Automata
Page Problem
25 Ned and Kristin
29 Znorlian
31 Spakk'r
32 Lorith
33 Diphland new
34 Roman Code
Page Problem
36Mystery Op 1
37Mystery Op 2
38Mystery Op 3
39Mystery Op 4
40Mystery Op 5
Page Problem
42 Sierpinski's Bricks
NIM games Can You Relate? Growth
Page Problem
48Nim Two Three
50 Grundy's Game
51Two Dice 21
52 NetNim
Page Problem
56 Irena's Gold
57Golden Arches
58States and Kids
59NY & LA
60A & P Graph
Page Problem
62Broken Copier
63 Blue Balls Bounce
64Red Balls Bounce
65Found Their Marbles
66Mad Scientist

Calculator Equations Take It Apart Allocating Scarce Resources
Page Problem
69Get Seventeen
70 Get Ten
71 Get Five
72Get One
Page Problem
74Aslan's Fleas
75Chelsea and Aslan
76 Purple Milk
Page Problem
81 Planning a Play  
83Career Day
84Moon Base
Many Faces Not Enough Info! Networks
Page Problem
86Kids' Heights
87Round Robin
88East and West
Page Problem
90 Lemonade
91 Overnight Hike
93A Hairy Problem
Page Problem
95Floating City
96The Dozen Eggs
97Snake Lake
98Whittle County

Arrange the Blocks Maps Polygons
Page Problem
102Point of View 1
103 Point of View 2 new
104Point of View 3
105 Point of View 4
106Eternal Flame
107Arrange Six
108Lost Labels
109Views 1
110Views 2
111Colored Stairs
Page Problem
114Central America
116Eastern Europe
118Central Asia
120West Africa
Page Problem
123Polygon 1
124Polygon 2
125Polygon 3
126Polygon 4
127Polygon 5
Pyramid Schemes Directions Round and Round
Page Problem
130Weird Juice Box
131Weird Juice Box*
132Third of a Cube
133Third of a Cube*
135Make a Cone
Page Problem
138 Jake & Emily
139Amityville Area
140Hawaii Flight 1
141Hawaii Flight 2
142Urak's Treasure
Page Problem
144Wayne's Wheel
145Lillian's Island new
146Track and Field
147Strapping Ladd
148Double Ferris

It All Adds Up Per Mixtures
Page Problem
151Four A
152 Favorite Pets
153 Favorite Plants
154Autumn Leaves
155Sandwiches 8
156Sandwiches 7
157Spikeys & Blesboks
Page Problem
159 Price of a Slice
160 Fruit Stand
161Juice Shopping
162 Giant Basketball new
Page Problem
164 Juice for 50
165 Haunted Purple
166 Juice Mixup 1
167Juice Mixup 2
Rates Product Chains Inaccessible Distances
Page Problem
169 Dog Years
170 Fester & the Nunz
171 Triple Crown
172Skyhawk 9792H
Page Problem
174 Food Chain
175Food Chain 2
176 Basketballs
177 Rats and Mice new
Page Problem
179 Distant Train
180 Poisonacid River
181Old Needledropper
182The Plaque

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