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Press here to go to the site for Mathematics in Context (MiC) itself. It includes outlines, sample problems from the curriculum, and more. MiC was developed at the University of Wisconsin with the cooperation of those brilliant Dutch at the Freudenthal Institute. A total of about 40 units in fifth through eighth grade are in field test and production as of Fall 1995.

But suppose you're using MiC and you want supplementary materials? Use problems from United We Solve!

Below, MiC unit names are in boldface. Names of corresponding "clusters" of problems in United We Solve are in normal type. We'll update this list as we hear from you and get more experience with this excellent new curriculum.

Number Tools
Calculator Equations
Side Seeing
Arrange the Blocks
Some of the Parts
It All Adds Up
Patterns and Symbols
Mystery Operations
Made to Measure
Per, Can You Relate?
Expressions and Formulas, Building Formulas
Product Chains, Calculator Equations, Mystery Operations
Packages and Polygons, Triangles and Beyond
Pyramid Schemes
Comparing Quantities
Take It Apart
Ways To Go
Networks; Round Robin (page 87)
Decision Making
Allocating Scarce Resources
Powers of Ten
CD-ROM (page 92), Hairy Problem (93)
Digging Numbers, Reflections on Number
Alien Number Systems
Get the Most Out Of It
Take It Apart, A & P Graph (page 60)
Going the Distance
Inaccessible Distances

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