Interactive Mathematics

Glencoe (already available Fall 1995)

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Many of these units are written by the very talented David Foster. There are six units per year, grades six through eight. Not all problems in each cluster are appropriate for the grade level of the unit.

Unit names are in boldface. Names of corresponding "clusters" of problems in United We Solve are in normal type.

1. From the Beginning
This unit includes two problems from Get It Together. You can also use a variety of starters from any cluster of United We Solve.

2. A Million to One
Product chains; fraction-decimal problems from the Proportion category

3. Just the Right Size
Growth, Directions, Polygons

4. Through the Looking Glass
Arrange the Blocks

5. Get a Clue

6. The Road Not Taken
Networks (though they may be hard at sixth grade), Nim Games

7. Take It From the Top
Various starters, Alien Number Systems, Mystery Operations, Moon Base

8. Data Sense
specific problems: East & West, States and Kids; also, use census data to make up their own

9. Don't Fence Me In
Polygons; also, A & P Graph (page 60)

10. Against the Odds
Nim: Two Dice 21 (page 51)

11. Cycles
Alien Number Systems, Mystery Operations

12. Treasure Island
Round and Round, Directions

13. Start Your Engines
Alien Number Systems, Calculator Equations

14. Run For Cover
Pyramid Schemes

15. On the Move
Rates, Can You Relate?

16. Growing Pains
Growth, Can You Relate?, Inaccessible Distances

17. Infinite Windows
Fractal Automata

18. Quality Control
Not Enough Info, Many Faces

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