Connected Mathematics Project

(Connections to United We Solve)

first published by Dale Seymour Publications,
now Prentice Hall, 800-848-9500

Here is Prentice's web site about CMP

This 6-8 project was developed at Michigan State (and here is the developers' web site). These units are available as of October 1996, and more are on the way.

Unit names are in boldface. Names of corresponding "clusters" of problems in United We Solve are in normal type.

Grade 6

Prime Time
Alien Number Systems, Mystery Operations
Data About Us
Many Faces, Allocating Scarce Resources, Can You Relate?
Shapes and Designs
Directions, Polygons
Bits and Pieces (I & II)
It All Adds Up, Per, Mixtures, Rates
Covering and Surrounding
Polygons, Pyramid Schemes
How Likely Is It?
Nim: Two Dice 21 (page 51)
Ruins of Montarek
Arrange the Blocks, and Directions



Grade 7

Variables and Patterns
Product Chains (if after, require formulas), Take It Apart
Stretching and Shrinking
Directions, Polygons (though not scale)
Comparing and Scaling
Rates, Per, It All Adds Up, Mixtures
Accentuate the Negative
Geap (page 30), Ned & Kristin (page 25)
Moving Straight Ahead
Product Chains
Filling and Wrapping
Pyramid Schemes

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