The Model Shop, Volume 1

Functions from Geometry

The book formerly known as EGADs (Exploring Geometry and Algebra through Data)

Short projects that integrate modeling, elementary functions, and geometry!

Students take measurements and find functions to model the data. Includes all your favorite elementary functions.

Algebra 2 and beyond. More hands-on than The Model Shop, Volume 2 (below).

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The Model Shop, Volume 2

A collection of problem sets where students find a mathematical model for a set of data. In this book, the models are elementary functions: lines, parabolas, square roots, exponentials, sinusoids, and power laws.

Comes with data sets for analysis.

Algebra 2 and beyond. More sophisticated than Volume One.

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Cool idea: Try looking at the "Hanging Slinky" data in Data Games

Or the "Hershey's Kisses" data

Or the "Jupiter's Moons" data

Data Games

Victory through Data Analysis!

Online games produce data. These games are embedded in a data analysis environment (think web Fathom). They are designed so that in order to improve your score, you have to analyze your data effectively.

Starting Fall 2012, you can use these games for free in your classroom. And they need only a web browser! From KCP technologies, the people who bring you Fathom and The Geometer's Sketchpad. We here at eeps helped design the games.

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