Park Perimeter
(page 121)

(February 2007) Here's a solution from an Applied Math Class in Clayton, Ohio

The problem was Park Perimeter from Get it Together.

Answer = 7200”

Lonnie paced off Maple and Fourth, and it took her 120 paces and each of her paces is 24”. Luis paced off Third and Columbus, and it took him 120 paces and each of his paces is 36”. Therefore we did 120*24” is 2880”+120*36”is 4320”=7200”

Jordan D, Scott M, and Erik B

Thanks to Jordan, Scott, and Erik!

It was great to get your solution! I also like it a lot that you explained your work.

Now, I don't mean to complain (too much) but here is one issue:

If you asked somebody how far it was from here to the corner, and they told you 7200 inches, it probably wouldn't help you as much as if they told you the answer in feet or yards. Even if your answer is numerically right, even if you did the math perfectly, choosing appropriate units will make your answer more useful!

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last updated February 25, 2007