Draw the Spinner 5
(page 111)

Here's a solution from Poland Regional High School (Not sure what State!):

Dear Mr. Erickson,

We are students of David at Poland Regional High School, and are writing to inform you that we have solved the spinner problem in your book "Get It Together"

Mr. Burke handed this problem to us about two months ago and we proposed the three correct numbers and a basic lay out of what the answer might be. Mr. Burke thought that there might be some issues with our findings, therefore, off and on over these past two months we have struggled to find the solution.

With some very slight direction from Mr. Burke and with the advice you gave us we finally arrived at what is the correct answer.

Our finding are as follows: the fraction 3/6 on the spinner will take up one half of the area on the spinner, 2/6 will take up one third of the spinner's area, and the fraction 1/6 will take up one sixth of the area. This arangement allowed us to get a sum of 5/6 one third of the time, a propability of 1 one fourth of the time, and a sum of 2/3 five-eighteenths of the time.

This was a challenging problem that tried our mental ability and endurance.

Thank you very much. Sincerely, Zachary Chase and Bryant Cyr.

Thanks to Zachary and Bryant!

Thank you, thank you, for the very first solution to a problem from Get It Together!

So, readers, what do you think? Is it right? Is it clear how they got their solution?

There is not a lot of "how did we get it" here, but it's also not obvious how to describe such stuff.

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last updated September 21, 2005