Field Trip
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(December 2009) Here's a solution from seventh graders at the Shields School in Chicago, Illinois!

Our answer is that we think that Inigo Montoya middle school used 7 buses to there field trip to the llama ranch.

Why we think that it is 7 buses is because at first we started to use what we had. It also said that we couldn’t repeat the same numbers. Then we read and it said that there were 250 students in the whole 7th grade. We added the numbers 22, 23, 26, 28, 29, 31, 32, and 34 to make sure how many there were. We did this since it said that there were no more than 35 students and no fewer than 20. Than it said that the seventh grade classes couldn’t be divided in to groups of 3 and 5. When we added them we got a total of 225 students. We were figuring out ways that we could put in to busses. This is how we came up with 7 busses in total. Our answer is 7 bus loads.

From Joanna Zaragoza, Silvia Rogel, Marbella Rodriguez, and Cynthia Guerra

Thank you, Joanna, Silvia, Marbella, and Cynthia!

So, the eight classes you list add up to 225. How do they fit in seven buses?

Also, you say that there are 250 students, and you listed classes adding up to 225. Why the difference? And where in the problem does it say there are 250?

You can answer, OR some other students might clarify this!

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last updated December 27, 2009