King Middle School
(page 78)

Here's a Fall 2013 solution from Donna Lasher, the teacher of a talented young class from (I think) San Antonio, Texas.

My class believes we have solved the KING MIDDLE SCHOOL problem. We think there are 48 teachers, 6 groups of 8 teachers. For each of the 6 periods, 5 groups of teachers are teaching, which makes 40, while one group of teachers has an off period.

Thanks to All of you in Ms. Lasher's class!

I think I understand your solution. But, readers and solution-checkers, is it convincing? Can you see how they did it and why they think their solution is correct? What do you suppose they mean by "groups" of teachers?

Then, imagine an extension problem: suppose the state thought 30 students was too many in a class. They pass a law that says the maximum class size is now 24. How many new teachers do they have to hire?

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last updated November 16, 2013