Echo Echo Elementary
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Here's a solution from some eighth graders--in fact, the entire eighth grade, it sounds like--at Lynch Public School in Lynch, Nebraska.

We are an 8th grade class at Lynch Public School in Lynch, Nebraska. We are a K-12 school and our class of 10 is the largest in our district! Members include: Breanna, Sherry, William, Sierra, Bryson, Michael, Dustin, Cody, Jabe, and Clay. Our math teacher is Mrs. DeKay. Here is our solution for Echo Echo Elementary:

According to the clues we read there are 6 classrooms, 8 tables in each classroom, and 4 chairs at each table. We multiplied the six classrooms by the 8 tables to find out that there are 48 tables in the whole school. Then we multiplied the 48 tables by the 4 chairs at each table and came up with 192 chairs in the school. We took 24 away from 192 because 24 of the chairs were empty. That left 168. We we believe there are 168 students in Echo Echo Elementary.

Thanks to All of you in Mrs. DeKay's class!

I like how you described your solution. Readers: are they right? Does it fit with the "extra" clues?

And which school do you think is smaller, O non-Nebraskans: Echo Echo Elementary, or Lynch Public School?

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last updated September 21, 2005