Four Kids With Beans
(page 30)

Here's another answer from Lynch, NE. This time it is submitted by a few of our 7th graders: Terence, Christopher, Clint, and Austin. Eagles Rock!

First we said our clues out loud and wrote them down. Then we started guessing numbers to see if they work. When we found a number that worked we saw if they worked with the other clues. If they didn't work we had to find a different number to work with. Finally we found numbers that worked for all of the clues. Our answer is: Erin-10, Jay-6, Kris-4, and Moira-5

Thanks to the Eagles!

So, readers, what do you think? Is it right?

They seem to be describing a guess-and-check strategy. Can you tell what they actually did to solve the problem from what they wrote? (People may disagree.)

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last updated September 22, 2005