Natalie's Number
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Here's the first solution to this problem. It's from Manhattan, Kansas:

We think the solution 10,201 We knew it was a palindrome. So it must read forward and backwards with the same sequence.

The product between the numbers was zero. This meant there was a zero in the number. I listed several palindrome options with zero in the number. I also knew that the number was a square root. This is the opposite of a square.

So I made a list of all the numbers were palindromes around one hundred and squared them. I found 101 and then squared it to get 10, 201. No other palindrome seemed to work so i am thinking this is the only answer. Am I correct? Rick Bergman Elementary, Manhattan, KS (Grade 5)

Thanks, Rick, for writing this up for us! Of course we won't tell you if you're right! But I agree that 101 squared is 10201. The big question is, are there any OTHER numbers that fit the clues?

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last updated November 15, 2010