Get It Together: Student Solutions

We'll fill this big table in more, as more of you send in solutions to problems from Get it Together.
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Hundred Chart Hunts Find the Number Kids With Stuff Number Shapes
Page Problem
23 Andrea's Number
24 Alexander's Number
25 Natalie's Number[new]
26 Julian's Number
27 Alma's Number
Page Problem
29 Two Kids With Animals
30 Four Kids With Beans
31 Four Kids With Figs
32 Three Kids With Marbles
33 Three Kids With Fruit
Build It! Stick Figures Pattern Blocks Polygons
Small City Blocks School Math Venn Family Lineup Logic
Page Problem
77 Echo Echo Elementary
78 King Middle School
79 Harthan Homeroom
80 Field Trip (Inigo Montoya Middle School)
81 Heddupp High
Mysteries Which Spinner Is It? Draw the Spinner Build It Again
Page Problem
95 Mantissa's Memory
96 What Went Bad?
97 Dorm Disease
98 Samantha's Surprise
99 Samantha's 2nd Surprise
Page Problem
107 Draw the Spinner 1
108 Draw the Spinner 2
109 Draw the Spinner 3
110 Draw the Spinner 4
111 Draw the Spinner 5
Measurements Constructions Number Patterns Find the Function
Page Problem
121 Park Perimeter [new]
122 The Length of the Class
123 Beans 'n' Boxes
125 Rooda and Stooda
Wodjah & Co. Around the World Back to Nature Martian for Beginners
Page Problem
167 The Landing [new]
168 The Reply
169 Necessities
170 More Necessities
171 sozahap zillener

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