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Field-test Teachers

We here at eeps media are looking for physics teachers to help us with a new NSF-funded project.

We are developing new materials that have more focus on data analysis, and we hope better integration with—and support for—the mathematics that students are already learning.

To make this work practically, students get some technological help: a program called Fathom, a data analysis package from Key Curriculum Press.

We want to develop:

(1) Laboratory activities. We envision a set of lab activities that are the twelve or so most common labs that teachers use anyway, but with deeper data analysis.

(2) Problem sets. In these homework problems, the students' task is to analyze data we give them; they range widely in scope and complexity. They could be keyed easily to chapters in common texts.

What help do we need?

We need teachers to field-test these labs and problems, and attend monthly meetings with other teachers to give feedback, advise project staff, and learn about what we have developed. We would visit your class to help you and to observe the sessions.

What do teachers get?

Your lab gets a site license for Fathom for the duration of the project, and help using the software. You get meetings with interesting colleagues (and food), and a stipend for all meetings and additional prep time.

In 2002–03, participating teachers need to be close enough to Oakland to attend these meetings, and for us to visit your classrooms. In 2003–04, we will be looking for teachers from all over to further refine what we develop the first year.

Contact Info

If you are interested in more information—or know who would be—please contact me, (or call 866.341.3377). I will be happy to show you what we've done so far.

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